Personal Coach for Health and Fitness = Results!

Yolanda's approach to training has kept me consistently motivated and challenged. Her well rounded workouts target all the different muscle groups while maintaining constant variety so you never get bored. I truly look forward to our sessions and was able to see results in a month. Yolanda does a fantastic job of modifying the exercise and weight training program to both increase in difficulty as I improve and to add variety to our routine.

On a personal level, Yolanda is very nice, understanding and friendly. She makes it easy to have a conversation and to spend the time with her while training. I feel that Yolanda cares about my progress and that motivates me to work harder.
Nora Oldoni
I'm so happy to be working out with Yolanda. She comes to me - it couldn't be easier. I love the fact that she's better at monitoring my progress than I am, so she really know where I've come from and where I'm at. I really like the variety of exercises that we do - we rarely repeat a move. She's very encouraging and knows when I'm actually at my limit and when I really can do a couple more reps, She really gets me to do my best!

Stewart Chapman
Yolanda is an excellent personal trainer! I have trained with many people over the course of the last 10 years or so. I worked with four different trainers for 6+ months and have done a session or two with at least 10 others just to try them out. Yolanda was by far the best. She's extremely creative, something that makes her workouts very effective. I never did the same workout twice with her. Other trainers I've worked with have been too dependent on certain types of exercise. Yolanda always includes a variety of strength, cardio, plyometrics, weights, machines, body weight, flexibility and balance exercises. She also knows when to push harder and when to ease off (though she mostly pushes harder! I can't believe some of the things she has gotten me to do!]. She's also great at tailoring things to meet the needs of her clients. When we first started working together I was very limited due to being in poor shape and because of a bulging disc in my lower back that was also pressing on my sciatic nerve. I was in pain all the time and could barely bend over 2 years after the injury and after 4 months of physical therapy . She gave me exercises that were challenging but didn't cause me further injury. I was gradually able to do more and more without causing further pain and even started to feel better.

Last fall I weighed 164 pounds. As of this week I'm down to 140, the weight I was as a competitive swimmer in high school! I'm doing things I never thought I could, I have great muscle tone and I've even been inspired to get certified as a trainer myself. I credit Yolanda's excellent guidance, motivation and great workouts for that achievement. AND while I thought I would have to endure some back pain for the rest of my life, I'm happy to say I am currently pain free!
Heather Sulic
I've tried several trainers and Yolanda is by far my favorite. She encourages me in every session. She pushes me, but not beyond my limits. There are exercises that I would not have tried and could, to my surprise, complete because Yolanda pushed me just outside my comfort zone. It is obvious she knows the human body and can put together a series of exercises in a session that form a cohesive whole. I would recommend Yolanda to anyone.
I always thought I knew how to workout on my own and use to think people who hired personal trainers were weak. I would work out until I got bored or injured. Until I meet Yolanda, she taught me about CORE training and always pushes me beyond. She's very attentive and spends time on making sure I'm doing exercises properly, I now feel I'm making consistent progress and have never been injured!